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International paper is highly committed to values such as respect for people, communities, cultures and environment while producing paper. The company's giving programs are an important way by which it aims to achieve its vision of being one of the best and most respected companies in the world. It conducts its initiatives through regional foundations, company's donations and employee volunteerism.
IP India Foundation is a wholly owned subsidiary of The International Paper APPM Ltd. Its focus areas - Education, Environment and Engagement - makes positive contributions to the communities around IP’s manufacturing facilities and farm forestry areas. IP India Foundation is continually refining its programs and seeking opportunities to make a difference in the communities we live and operate.

RESPECT the communities where
our employees live and work.



IP India Foundation promotes literacy, by developing, assisting and supporting educational institutions in order to impart quality education. It also promotes traditional and new learning skills in formal & non-formal institutions, imparting training & education in all areas including scientific, cultural, traditional and ethnic art & craft.
The Foundation aims to encourage talented & promising sports persons, while supporting individuals, groups and organizations that provide facilities for training & practice in various games & sports.

IP India Foundation promotes environmentally & socially responsible business practices by assessing and mitigating the environmental & social impacts for sustainable economic growth. In order to increase the environmental & social sensitivity of employees and other stakeholders, various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities have been designed. The goals of these CSR activities are being achieved through direct voluntary employee engagement programs and partnerships & networks. Ensuring sustainable natural resources by reducing, reusing, recycling, managing waste, the Foundation is promoting cleaner production methods, energy efficiency, eco-friendly technologies and use of renewable energy.

IP India Foundation has been initiating, encouraging and supporting various initiatives directly or through employee engagement programs. This is not only achieved by imparting skill development and training programs, but also by making financial support available in terms of grants, subsidies etc. The Foundation encourages and supports non-conventional & renewable sources of energy systems, including rural electrification projects. It is also actively involved in providing assistance during relief & rehabilitation of the populace affected by natural calamities.
The Foundation has been promoting & propagating farm forestry programs with emphasis on conserving natural resources, creating healthier environment and massive plantations on marginal & degraded farm lands. This helps in sustaining needs of farmers by providing them with the means of generating indirect employment and uplifting the socio economic conditions of the villagers and tribal communities.
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